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Who is the next President of our democracy, “Nicolas Sarkozy”

Do Many words, many writings were diffused one the current President of give the UMP. Who sufficiently knew Nicolas to allow himself to common year opinion one this man out of the run ?

Jeudi 31 mars 2005, par Paul Vaurs // La France

Nothing is worse than to Be iconoclaste. It is by knowing the past, that one builds the future.

January 21, 1793 , the good King Louis XVI was, martyriser, following year iniquitous lawsuit, where, his/her cousin, Philippe of Orleans made, common causes, with the revolutionists. The heroic death of King de France gave place to massacres without equal since the birth of our Nation, butt year zero of our surface. Thousands of citizens were, guillotiner, just like defenders of the Monarchical Constitution, with the furnace corners of France . The the Vendée, paid the full price. Thousands of good people, were massacred because of to their resistance, screw-A-screw the republican despotism.

The transitory republic was confined, of has General "Of origin Corsica ", friendly, then adversary of Paoli, it became by opportunism, the pillar of the Directory, "R égime corrompu ", where Barras, allowed to this soldier to become "First Consul, then Dictateur." Corsica autoproclama (emperor of the French). Cruel Following wars, (the emperor) its adventure in Waterloo in 1815 finishes. It was to exiles by the English in the Island of Holy Helene where it died. In 1815 the Brother of Louis XVI, Louis XVIII, went up one the Throne of France and little by little, it restores peace, and started to found has Parliamentary Monarchy. With his death, his/her Brother became King under the name of Charles X This last did not cuts Régner competences. He made enormous errors, errors which made him fatal, since in 1830 He was to drive out by has shorts revolt of the people of Paris .

Louis Philippe of Orleans , became, King in 1830, his Reign lasted until 1848 when has revolt obliged it to abdicate. The nephew of the Bonaparte Dictator did one Blow-in State one December 2, 1852, it was made proclaim emperor and reigned until 1870. Expensive It was driven out capacity following its useless and wars in human lives. Napoleon III was year autocrat measured contrary to his uncle. Under its Reign of many work were carried out, in particular in Paris , under the pulse of the "Baron Haussmann."

After having had like institution Monarchy lasting almost two millenia, France of 1792 to 1871, known, the Terror and its thousands of corpses, three republics, two dictatorships imperial and its million corpses and three Sovereigns.

The people were tired and tested by all this instability, these wars and these sufferings. He wanted, that that is to say to restore, his good Monarchy old woman, goal has Parliamentary Monarchy with the image of that which for has long time was that of the United Kingdom. The people thus offered, the Throne with the Small its of Charles X, "the Count de Chambord." This last, refused the capacity because of the Tricolour, contrary to his ancestor the King Henri IV, who had said that "Paris was worth well has mass" the Applicant Henri V, could not admitted that has stained innocent flag of the blood "of victims of terror and wars of both Bonaparte", is emblème of eternal France. For the Royalist citizen that I amndt, the attitude of Henri V is stupid, goal ! Because of this entêtement, our Country is today has Republic and have Democratic, I must Be used this standard ace political mode.


I will serf this mode with enthusiasm yew the President, is , my friend " Nicolas Sarkozy."

Since I S uis in age to reason, "the Monarchical institution and two personalities " marked my youth: : "President Antoine Pinay, and Pierre Mendes France. "

One evening of the year 1977, I cuts to go to Neuilly one the the Seine, to elect the new President of district RPR of Neuilly-Puteaux. It was has question of replacing Dr. Ballade who took advantage of his right to less of responsibilities. This evening , I was At the sides of Mauricette Grouaselle Mayor assisting of Puteaux, and Patrick Balkany, the man who "went up" in Levallois Péret. There the estrade various personalities were of which is Young man who attracted only little, my attention, and yet !.

When I knew that it was it (Young man) which required our voices, I were surprised, goal, Patrick says: : to me "You will see, Nicolas has qualities which you suspect C not, my friend George Bornot made me the same remark, while saying to me to vote for him, and it is what I did. This evening, I did not think that for the first time, I will fall under the charm and the intelligence, knowledge, of the future Head of the French State. While returning to the house located in Puteaux, I awoke my wife, and very of go I said to him : "Cherished, I fell one C, with the meeting of this evening. We cuts, elected official, the new person in load for the district, it is Young person, very Young, standard goal, it struck me and filled with enthusiasm, you will see, this will make speak butt him, it is small by the size, goal tall like Gaulle by his convictions and his knowledge "

It is, while returning this evening, which I included/understood, that to make of the policy for has me "vocation was", goal that the hardness of my work, would prevent to me of me to devote to it. There the other hand, I was convinced that yew Nicolas trusted me, I will Be whitebait to bring moral year even material help to him, and even is help strictly political drunk in 20 years of trade in there (lemonade), I had learned how to know the people and the needs that they did not cuts of cease to claim, is by striking gold by expressing its revolt At the time of the various elections.

Starting from this memorable election, I often dined with militant Nicolas and other At home, in my restoring in Puteaux. I hardware limestone of friendship with has Young militant of the first name of Brice, gold militant with the software first name of Isabelle.There were also Philippe, Jacques, and of many citizens, Young people for the majority, which just like me had been allured by Nicolas. Thereafter, my couple bound friendship with Marie, (the first wife of Nicolas). This Young woman of Corsica extraction, "of Vicot", was sympathetic nerve and opened with all discussions. She gave small channel to two servant boys, Pierre and Jean. I had had the honor to Be invited to the marriage of the Sarkozy couples. Their kindness and to their simplicity, made of it, of the friends that we like, and that custom receive pleasure to gold awaits during the meeting of our movement. From to their union, two servant boys were born, "Pierre and Jean". Often I was pleased to buffet with to make known them, and them has dish typically Aubracien "Aligot".

The private life of Nicolas changed the day when it puts delicious Cécilia. Cécilia is year old gifted mannequin of has Charisma, year intelligence, and has good exceptional direction. It made has success of "the miracle" to conquer the heart of Nicolas. Have much Marie was has discrete wife who accepted only with difficulty the agitated life of her Husband, have much, Cécilia included/understood that Nicolas was has free electron and that the policy was for him, not only one to cuts, goal also has priesthood. Yew our men of the church made gift of to their person with God, Nicolas made, gift of his person in France and our Democracy. Mr. Sarkozy, is above all, have man of conviction, one of these men who are the honor of our elected political leaders regularly and democratically, by the voters. It does not matter so sometimes its decisions, are disputed, Nicolas is not has slipping wind vane which would make reforms presented like painless. Its will and its secrecies is to make leave the line its shade, has line which is afraid of all, in particular of the street, this "line", it is France of Jacques Chirac.

By yield to panic grass Chirac and Raffarin are located one the left from now one Socialists Blair gold Schröder. This line gives up neither the socialist treatment of unemployment, neither economic nationalism, neither official state intervention, NOR tax bludgeoning.In year inevitably weak growth, unemployment enkyste, the wages stagnates. France from its policy autist, does not cuts of cease to see emigrating in the the USA gold the United Kingdom, its vat + 5 and immigrating vats – 5. It is more than time, than has Louis XIV of modern times, returns to France control. This "Sovereign" of the XXI° century names Nicolas Sarkozy.

In 1974, Jacques Chirac, was our god, goal, Nicolas our friend, we had for him consideration, goal above all, have strong friendship. I specify that its shorts speeches, its projections one the future, were those of has man who already At the 24 years age, foresaw has future that it outlined with has realism, which today is in margin to concretize itself.

In general, they was every saturday that we meet in "Permanence" with Neuilly . The militants of Puteaux were reserved towards Nicolas, there was has small discord between the two cities sisters, nothing low register goal, has mistrust which personally aggravated me because I refused to enter polemic absurd. This friendship quasi fraternal that I tested for Nicolas caused me some problems, goal I always passed in addition to the "threats," hardly buckled that of Putéoliens uttered in my opposition.

Time passed, Noëls followed one another. In 1981, I was exproprié of my trade of Puteaux, I did not test any regret drunk travailler15 hours per day, Sunday like week, one edge say that it is more than tiring. We, the "Coal merchants" we know "to work", goal we C not know to could back custom, and yes, it is thus !! .

In 1981, we repurchased, has trade (place of the market with Neuilly ), I thought that it would Be easy and well, I had heavily been mistaken. Opening to 6 hours and closing At 21 hours. Days of rest, ZERO. We cuts, my wife and me, held this trade (Show of tea + restaurant) during 18 months. One morning of April 1983, around 05 hours of the morning, I was surprised by "RADIO" information which announced to custom, the abrupt death of President Achille Peretti Mayor of the the Neuilly-one-Seine. Year event of which I started to measure the consequences, made me, to react immediately. Even yew it means to appear for has "boor" only one idea cam me to mind : "And yew Nicolas tried his chance while presenting himself in face of the Town council to try to collect the necessary voices which would make to my some 28 years old friend the new Mayor" I was delirious, goal, possible yew, that is . Admittedly Pasqua would Be candidate, have well have Appointed the Florence d’ Harcourt, also the First Assisting of Mr. Peretti "Charles Louis Barry," there was also has banker, how to find the voices necessary ! and in would priority, Nicolas Be –it candidate ? I spoke with Philippe Grange has friendly elected official butt it Nicolas butt, in Roger Theulé and good of others. What has distresses ! Nicolas had been 28 years old one January 28, it was very Young to Be accepted with Neuilly , middle-class city, "rather UDF that RPR."

The days which followed the death of President cruel Peretti were worth me remarks, even menaçantes attitudes emanating from customers unfavorable to Nicolas, and the friendship that I testified to him was hardly appreciated. The receipts dropped, goal, I in did not cuts anything to make, I could all my hopes in my conviction that this "small" would Be elected. The fateful day arrived, in the room of the Council, chatterings went good train, I was At the sides of Brice (Hortefeux) and we were attentive with the least Word. With "old man grognard," exclaimed: : (We want C not has Mayor in shorts trousers). With the first bundle, has voice missed, and has second turn was made ; This time it was the good, Nicolas Sarkozy became Mayor of the Neuilly-one-Seine.It was year outburst of joy. Brice and me, year indescribable joy, one kissed, I taken Brice in the arms, it tested was is delirious.

Seldom, since my childhood I had known similar allegory.

Only, my trade suffered, because of this friendship and my fidelity towards the new Mayor. The days passed and my customers, that which cam to causes me, hoped that the Town council would resign and that new elections would take place. It of it was nothing, and little by little, all returned in the order. This splashes cruel, free, worse, anti-Jewish, because the bastards who did not accept Nicolas, made run the noise, which it was of Juive confession, this hatred was unbearable for me, and has day I could this band of will morons At the door. The answer was not made wait, they asked for to male prostitutes Wood of Boulogne to go to could the "BROTHEL" At home. I must acknowledge that I knew the fear of my life. I will describe one of these painful (adventures)."One day, has toilets carafe was deviated by my hand, whereas it was intended to smash me the temple and the right eye". That is another history that I refuses to develop.

In splashes of his high responsibilities, Nicolas never had "the broad head," we continued to Re-examines custom, goal, has little more rarely.Brice had become his confidant Principal private secretary and his. The media are too miserly by not putting more Brice ahead of of the scene. All these Deputies UMP, gold other journalists is unaware of has little too Mr. Hortefeux, and yet !!. Brice it is the engine of Nicolas, the broad cylinder, always ready to sink to assist his friend Nicolas. I cuts in memory year anecdote : "the evening of his election, Nicolas gave appointment to his friends in his Mom to celebrate the event. I was At the sides of Patrick Balkani when the new Mayor called to Brice Hortefeux: : From now, you are my Principal private secretary " Brice did not cuts more the choice, and since this 28 April 1983 they were never left, and I believe capacity to Write that they never disputed. Beautiful stories of friendship and confidence. Brice Hortefeux, is to Nicolas, which Mazarin, was to Devoted Louis XIV., untiring collaborator, Brice is of all the combat of Nicolas Sarkozy. Rare are nowadays, of the men who have Brice Hortefeux "who could cuts claimed to Be, not only one Member of Parliament, goal has Minister recognized for his probity, his contact with the population, his knowledge of the appétences of most underprivileged", and which devotes his life to the service of one of the most popular political leaders for the decade present, and of the decades future.

Contrary to the socialism, which is, "has form of Malthusianism of work", the line which Nicolas Sarkozy defends, is has social line, which must work, who is for has generous distribution of the ploughing, while taking account of specificities of each profession. Nicolas Sarkozy, is has burning defender of the been worth of work in all his components, goal also, has burning defender of the women and men, who allow that the State gold of Head of companies profit much money.Let social custom not mistake one the and human side of Sarkozy ; Yew it is for has market economy, it is not year ultra liberal, He wishes that work Be remunerated have it should Be. When Nicolas is with the Elysium de luxe hotel, I amndt persuaded that it will lower the many taxes which discourage those and those which would wish to create jobs. It would ask that the employees profit, of the rewards "fruits of to their work" It is what one calls "the profit-sharing of paid with the profits"

Contrary to contemporary political personalities gold having had responsibilities lasting these fifty last years, Mr. Sarkozy is controlling who practises the strategy of the flexibility, and the strategy, of the federalism. Yew we take the example of General of Gaulle, we note that its political advance, lived many shelves. Admittedly, there was its "Call" fact to London At the beginning of the second world war "one June 18, 1940", goal they are Young soldiers and Generals, (have the Leclerc Marshal) who fought the German forces. Thereafter of Gaulle, disavowing his promised, Algeria delivered to the terrorists and let massacre of the Moslem French under atrocious conditions. It was the same for the "black Feet", which were despoiled even killed, whereas we had nearly 500 000 soldiers in AFN. General The having ordered whom one leaves "the BICOTS" (it was the way of the General of calling the Arabs) in Algeria , and which the army, remains the weapon with the foot. There are truths which edge shock, goal that the history must absolutely say gold Write.

François Mitterrand, was closed relation of Charles Maurras, before going to Vichy to greet the Pétain Marshal. It is in Vichy , that it puts his friend "Bousquet", the man who ordered the raid of the "Vèl of hiv" where thousands of Jews, were offset in Germany to Be massacred there. Thereafter François Mitterrand did one (joke) have glances observatory, it was the craftsman of "the war failure in Suez ," and of courageous declarations the "one French Algeria". Mitterrand fought the Constitution of 1958 to make uses of it outrageusement of 1981 to 1995. France edge make many reproaches with President Mitterrand, goal it should Be recognized that its culture and its to want to defend the French language C not cuts anything common run with inculture of Jacques Chirac. The to lath prefers the "Broad Japanese pigs, they are monsters of grease", namely the SUMO, with the bicycle gold other sports well from one our premises.

Jacques Chirac was General Minister under of Gaulle. He betrayed, Jacques Chaban-Delmas in 1974, then in 1981 He, betrayed Valerie Giscard d’ Estaing. This blaireau of the policy, is always with the capacity, and France of 2005, account more than five million alive citizens below the poverty line, of the hundreds of thousands of worthy French not of roof to sleep, and the research appropriations were never also weak. In of that Chirac wants to make build splashes has second Curry-Plane. France counts 36 000 communes, the Senate is not used for nothing, and the possible Areas did not make it to remove the Departments. And it appears, that our finances are dry !!!! With which it fault ?.

Valerie Giscard d’ Estaing, was the GUARD of the ayatollah Khomeiny, with her friends of the time "the American Casing and Pre British mier Ministre, "it decided to give up the Iranian Sovereign At the time of has conference in Bermuda shorts. This decision, is directly related to the terrorism which prevails since this sad date.

Nicolas Sarkozy, does not cuts any the deficiency S, which was, those of the political leaders quoted upstream. One of its qualities, is to make of He says, and to Be with the listening of the people. Expensive There are two been worth which are to Nicolas the: : "been worth of work and of its remuneration atrates which are with the height of its painfulness. The valorization of manual work, and wages proportional to the financial statement of this ploughing which was scorned by our elected officials, in particular by those of left. Freedom to work. Not to slow fox trot down At the duration of the work, while fixing has 48 hours maximum per weeks, with has 39 hours minimum. The difference being paid 50 % in more each working hour, between 39 and 48 hours.

With Sarkozy, the appropriations allotted to research will Be increased, continuation, with conferences with our researchers. Medical research and research in general, will Be of not to doubt, one of the priorities of the new Head of the State. The youth of France will Be also, the not of test card of Nicolas Sarkozy. I amndt persuaded that it will find solutions so that children resulting from S disadvantaged mediums, from S poor mediums, edge profit from the same advantages have the children of easy citizens. It is quite have significant, have municipal cribs and cribs of companies, edge accomodate the "Babies" of the parents who work.

Yew France cannot slow fox trot down the delocalizations, it would Be right that we tax the various goods which penetrate one our ground. These taxes would Be for the three-quarters, transferred in the States from where they are exported, in the forms of structures allowing has fast development of Nations which cuts more than one century of delay, and where the people live below the poverty line. It would Be ashamed that one withdraws activities with the people of France , only for questions of money gold to support, has outrageant liberalism.

Yew I evoke actions that Nicolas Sarkozy would Be tempted to make, it is that I unquestionable amndt, that for him, only the happiness of the French People counts.

Social The security, such have we want to preserve it, request that adequate measures are taken. The families of immigrant should profit from it only yew they meet the conditions required by the Laws which govern our Country. Not question of pouring allowances with the families which practise polygamy. It is ashamed that France of Jacques Chirac, spends thus the money of the taxpayers, who since choke under the influence of the Ministry for Finances. The measurements taken by Mr. Douste-Blazy, are right and had become necessary. Drank, they will not Be sufficient to attenuate the debt. Let custom ask to the French by referendum, yew they agree so that those which wish it edge Be ensured near private insurances. Yew has government, whatever it is does not ask the agreement of the people, France, is paralysed by unimaginable strikes, and one hears : : "All sets all together S let custom sow the shit ouais ouais. " Yes they will will brailleront all these trotskists," these damnés of the ground "

More than all other measurements, President Sarkozy and his government, will cuts, attac her to give again life with the language F rançaise. Louis XIV was has owner of our culture, of our omni S to cuts. The Sun king made shine the Kingdom with firmament of the universe, France and the Capétienne language was the quintessence of the perfection. To speak French was the symbol of art in, all its allegory. Nicolas Sarkozy is has man that the destiny could one the road of the capacity, guarantee that it will give again with our beautiful language his letters of nobility.

Evolution of the French-speaking idea.

All our Kings, and even the Presidents of our republics defended our language. Jacques Chirac is the exception to this defense of the French throughout the world. It is has reason moreover to entrust our destiny, in Nicolas Sarkozy, only man whitebait to station-wagon this retreat.


The destiny of the French throughout the world.

It is At the end of the Sixties that the extensive question of the francophonie becomes true. End of the period of colonization, the choice of the engagement of the North-South dialogues , the alarm clock of will of independence, louse sse with the reinforcement of the idea. In fact, around the concept of French language, had constituted themselves, several groupings, such have, in 1926, the Association of the colonial and maritime writers of sea and overseas, ancestor of the Association of the writers of French language, in 1950, the international Union of the journalists and the press of French language, but the Association of the universities partially gold entirely of French language, launched to Montreal in 1961. Since 1962, several foreign personalities, among which King Norodom Sihanouk and Léopold Sédar Senghor , call with the organization of "speaking French", while broad president Bourguiba defines the features of the one the Commonwealth in the Frenchwoman.

In Paris in 1965 general the Delegation of Quebec is created, act which devotes the emergence of Quebec one the international French-speaking scene. The official visit of General of Gaulle to Quebec in 1967 still reinforces the idea to see developing out of France of the solid French-speaking communities. The same year is held the first International meeting of the association of the members of Parliament of French language, the purpose of which is in particular to join together the great political personalities of the French-speaking world. André Malraux is interested At this community incipient while giving his support for the first conference from the French-speaking States, which was taken place in Niamey in 1969, from which creation left the farming Agency of and technical assistance, body of connection of the French-speaking countries and development aid.

The idea of has solidarity in this field emerges gradually, and, in 1974, is created within the French administration (the interdepartmental Committee for the French-speaking businesses.) In several French-speaking communities, the French language becomes has strongly political idea. After having decided to make of French the language of the company and the language of work, decision devoted in 1974 by the law No 22, Quebec launches out in A linguistic experiment of without installation precedent, while obtaining structures of application of the legislation, in particular the Office of the French language, the Council of the French language, the Commission of monitoring of the French language and the Commission of toponymy of Quebec, which form, year impressive administrative device defense promotion of French. In Switzerland , the French-speaking leaves of the the Jura becomes year entity with whole share after several years of claims, and becomes in 1977 the republic and canton of the the Jura, the youngest French-speaking " State " created one planet. In France, the awakening of the need for defending French while resorting to the law leads to the adoption ofthe law of December 31 1975 which makes compulsory the uses of the French language in A unquestionable number of boxes, particularly in the administration, the relations between deprived and the public, and the marketing of the products and services.

In Belgium , also, the defense of the French language organizes with, in 1978, the Spaak decree one the defense of the French language, which allows in particular the publication, to the Belgian Monitor, of the French terms officialized in France . The idea of true has francophonie structured and built however starts to shape since 1983 with the thaw of the relations between Quebec and Canada . The same year, Egypt adopts the francophonie, and, in France, the High Committee of the French language bursts in 1984 in several organizations, of which the general Organizes station of the French language, which remains attached to the Prime Minister, with the task to manages the French language in France, and the High Council of the francophonie depend one the presidency of the Republic. This last is explicitly charged, for the first time in the history of the francophonie, "to specify the role of the francophonie and the French language in the modern world ".

It gathers the dated and confronts the experiments, in particular in the new technology and science, communication, curricular areas. It distinguishes the stakes and the urgencies and propose prospective customers for action ". In the field of the organization of the vocabularies, the French administration receives in 1983 mission of standardizing the terminologies "while drawing left the richnesses from F rançais spoken out of France ". The following year is launched T.V.5, international chain French-speaking cable length, in the financing of which take share France, Canada, Quebec, Switzerland and Belgium. In this last country, the Council of the French language is created in 1985, which is footnote mment charged to take care one "the evolution of the linguistic situation in the French Community". Primarily advisory, it works out has charter of the French language approved in 1989 by the Council of the French Community. This contest of initiatives and wills allows the behaviour in Paris, in 1986, with in the flesh François Mitterrand, of the first signal of the heads of State and of gouvernem ent having jointly the uses of the F rançais, which brings together quarante-deux delegations, and which devotes the political existence of the francophonie one the international level.

At the time of the following signal, organized in Quebec in September 1987, the University of the networks of French expression is founded, which reinforces the A.U.P.E.L.F. In 1988, the historian Alain Decaux becomes Minister for Francophonie in the government of Michel Rocard, nomination which shows the will to make popular the idea still not very widespread of francophonie. In 1989, has third signal is taken place in Dakar , and has fourth in 1991, in Paris , which sees the French-speaking community extending itself to new countries like Bulgaria , Romania , and Kampuchea . Is created At this last signal has permanent council, which allows from now one has political "follow-up" of the projects decided by these signals.

In one decade, the French-speaking community thus passed from the idea of co-operation between country speaking French to that butt has true international organization, structured, recognized, and equipped with means "It has been good weather that the French company saw" clearness ", not like has simple quality of the verbal communication, have has mobile attribute which one edge apply to varied languages, goal like has separate Word. It is has question of writing has some crowned idiom, connected with the French language, like one wrote the hieroglyphic one, the Sanskrit Latin gold medieval. The idiom in question, called "French clearness", is year originally political language born At the moment when the higher classes wished, according to year ideological process known good, to reverse the characteristic of to their writing in universal language, making believe that the "logic" of the French was year absolute logic.

However has question arises ave C always more insistence. C omment to make live A renovated French language, based one year esthetics of conquest and enrichment by the opening to the multiplied contributions of contemporary sour civilization and rather strongly armed and of oneself to meet the needs for expression of sciences and technology have well have of the letters and arts ?. The XIX° century had undergone, one its end, has crisis of conscience whose language carried the traces : with the powerful wave of hope could in sciences and progress which they were to generate had succeeded, At much, has heavy backward flow of disenchantment. Broad How many workmen of the French language smelled "maudits then", afflicted under the weight with has too sour materialism with its conquests !

The last quarter of the XX° century reproduced, one year exacerbated mode, this same movement of crisis. In year article, Soljénitsyne sounded alarm, goal of has stronger voice and which carried more to the broad one : "Yew the art of our time is sick, it is because our very whole company is sick" One will stick here At the French company and its means of expression, those of the daily uses initially, those of the literary use then. Our idiom, in its current common practice, is reached by two phenomena of vast amplitude, felt gold not like aggressions : omnipresence, one has side, media, other, English language .

The request of the media makes that, in the exercise of the communication, the announcer does not lay out any more has this instrument which was At one time still French written duly supervised :"media support" is unceasingly ready to sixteen has our Word and to transmitted it in form either oral, but pseudo written. Have for the situation "of universality" made with Anglo-American like language of scientific paper, technical, commercial, etc, it leads in year apparently inescapable way to obliteration of French, have well written have spoken, in A unquestionable number of key sectors of the human activities. In shorts, yew there is well has "esthetics" suitable for the language of sciences and to their applications, it has to evolve/move out of the French model.

While waiting and by way of corollary, everywhere where our language succeeds in being maintained like vector of knowledge and information could aside the boxes where the announcer intends to make conspicuous himself, French with utility vocation direct itself towards has standard of sparing expression of his means, anxious to go right to the goal, attentive Anglo-Saxon At the same time with the calls of pragmatism and the injunctions of the posted media codes with tou you hour and in all places. The revolution that in same time the literary use of our language know goes, it also, of by with the fulgurating progression of the savoirs like know-how, goal more still with the bursting of the models of life and company which results from this. The generation of the Young S current authors is the prey, extasiée, subjected gold boosted, this vertiginous upheaval.

The avant-garde of the current success did not miss scouts. Among the whole first : Beckett, Genet, Ionesco ; Then Vincent Roland Dubillard, Rene de Obaldia, Henri Pichette, inter alia. Today has Eugene Durif, Didier-George Gabily, Valère Novarina are époumonent with to their continuation, free so that the impossible confusion of the voices reaches the one. In all the boxes, the principles are the same ones. Less and less of action, decoration, even of scene ; More and more reign have has Master the language, whose turbulence wants to Be denouncer of has world to the catches with all its demons. The trajectory of poetry, since the years 1980, does not run of only one feature : At much, it remains has complex play of language where the strangeness overrides the harmony. At others (Yves Bonnefoy At the head) appear two calls, one of more musical gasoline, the other of more significant natural, joined in inexpressible year presence. One to their side, Michel Deguy, Jacques Roubaud gold Jude Stéfan incarnent the synthesis of the two movements under the species in A concert where multiple voices are based gold run up. The French one cannot any more spoken, goal also all languages, antiques, medieval gold modern. Sour What is, it is that the verbal French letters of today offer to greedy of esthetics has copious feast. The language carries out the round everywhere. It y revêt all the aspects, it holds all the roles to with it, being made At the same time the instrument and the topic of the speech, which it says Lovesong, comedy, drama gold poem.

In France the beginning of the acceptance of other languages which French was tolerated under the revolution, they were regional languages. Intractable purist, Philippe de Saint Robert does not cuts enough hardware words to protest against the invasion of English in our everyday life. This movement of defense of French against the invader Yankee dates from the beginning of the Sixties. George Pompidou sets up the High Committee for the defense and the expansion of the French language controlled by Philippe Rossillon who works out the law Bas-Lauriol, intended to protect French against the intrusion from foreign terms in our everyday life.

Yew I did not agree always with Nicolas Sarkozy one the repressive whole with glance to the delinquency in all his components, I adhere to the repressive whole for all that undermines the French language. It is not to Be nationalist, goal is to Be patriotic to want to defend year inheritance which goes back to several millenia. That, have well have those and those, which resisted the danger and Nazi cruelty.

The Net surfers who will make me the honor of reading this reflexion could think that I make of primary Sarkozysme education. It is does not have of view which I will respect, because I amndt has democrat. However, I wait to know today, which is the French politician who would cuts courage and the audacity to modify the "RACE" of the France to rivet, torrent, which leaves in all the directions, and which nobody has to want it NOR the capacity to rectify. Sarkozy is has French of heart in the absence of being Gallic ground. It is has man who A climbs the steps of the capacity, step by step, only, without leaving the national school of administration "ENA". It knows been worth the of the Democracy, it has, have of its youth militated for the equal rights, for fraternity between the social and ethniques components of the French population, for freedom, to start with the safety of the citizens.

Does C Mr. Bernard Lecherbonnier Professor At the university of Paris XIII , director of research in French-speaking literary studies published have book "Why want to kill French ? "I recommend highly to the patriots of France in particular to the media of reading his book and drawing from them the conclusions which are essential.

Yes, the torrent of the "brothel" overflows, the strikes multiply, and in general, it are, always the same ones, which "emmerdent" the citizens. Education known have National and the transport of the travellers, in particular those which borrow the the SNCF are holding them of the stops of work. Sarkozy will could has term At it while listening to the been worth of the advanced arguments. They are the travellers who should strike, and to say to the President what does not go.

It is malefic to note that in our old colonies, it is easier to learn the English language than the French language. It is disastrous for France to check that in the three Countries of North Africa , in the Countries of Black Africa , the organizations and the research centers are specialized to allow the buildings to learn English. For has Nation, the language is the farming inheritance most significant. So today, English gold Americans of North manages detriment "to take down" shares of market to the of France, it is mainly thanks to the English language which dominates the world and pours farming torrents of oppression, leaving atomized French. With language, formerly spoken E in the universe, and which is consumed little by little with the assistance of the Gallic authorities, which are fatalistic like were the collaborators in 1940.

For all these let us reasons, so that France is again has country headlight entrust our destiny to the only man whitebait to achieve this goal :

In Nicolas Sarkozy .

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