Our party.

Mardi 27 février 2007, par Bertrand RENOUVIN // La France

Royal Segolene, Nicolas Sarkozy, Francois Bayrou… In the swirl of the declarations and surveys as peremptory as unimportant, we have to maintain our course without fear to appear in shift with the immediate topicality.

As for the presidential election, no serious analysis is possible as long as we will not know the decision of Jacques Chirac, who is most determined of the adversaries of Nicolas Sarkozy. Released from the play of the forecasts we can turn our attention on the strangenesses of the policy in progress.

It is strange to see that all the sworn enemies of V°republic and the gaullism ; Of Jean-Marie the PEN with Olivier Besancenot, while passing by Arnaud de Montebourg concentrates their intelligence and their energy on a presidential election which they challenge in his principle.

Unconscious monarchism of those which ritually denounce the “monarchical drift” of the institutions ready to smile in ordinary time. But we are during one time prérévolutionnaire and we consider it regrettable that in political circle, nobody wonders about the real importance of the electoral stakes of the next year. The assumption is that they will not be decisive whatever the diagram selected : If one looks at the presidential campaign like a competition between the three candidates selected by the media, it should again be stressed that Ségolène Royal and Nicolas Sarkozy made countryside for the “constitutional treaty”, expressing in a decisive consultation their adhesion or at least their assent with the ultra liberalism. Repudiated, they try to gum their “yes” by beautiful speeches on the nation and to make forget their long career within oligarchy by the usual rounds “on the ground”. There are too many works on the work of image and the factory of the electoral messages, often contradictory to sweep broader, so that one can take with serious the these artifices electioneering propaganda. Gestures and words must be confronted with the way of life of the candidates, with the sociology of their partisans, the interests defended by their groups of support.

If one looks at the presidential campaign like an episode of the combat between oligarchy and the various protestors, nothing makes it possible to envisage a great upheaval. It is possible that Jean-Marie the PEN is again carried by strong turbulences but it cannot nor does not want to seize the power ; The alter mondialism cannot enter the electoral battle without losing itself definitively ; the extreme left showed for a long time that it was unable to present a political program, fault of recognizing official and national realities.

It y no reason to however deplore. We have hundred times shown that the intellectual battle against ultra liberalism was gained. The referendum of 2005 and revolts it against the CPE prove that oligarchy is massively challenged. Briefly gathered there is five years the “party of the policies” continuous to exist in a latent state. It is giving elements of program (the protection of the European economy the political control of the currency) which can be easily supplemented, because the proposals abound with the wire of the publications and the debates that we endeavor to present here.

The “party of the policies” is that of times of crisis ; Since the XVI° century, it gathers around the State and for the nation of the militants of various families of thought, come from various parties and movements, the senior officials, the citizens engaged in the social fights. Such our party, that of gaullists of right-hand side and left, patriotic Socialists, critical Communists, as invisible as this “invisible France ” subjected on an iron diet. It lives in waiting of that which will be devoted fully to its project and which will enable him to launch in the action, for the exercise of the capacity.

The idea that it is necessary to pass its turn in 2007 exasperates this waiting without ruining its hope.

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