ISLAM - Dialogs OCCIDENT off deaf let custom let us persons.

Mardi 27 février 2007, par Paul Vaurs // Le Monde

Vehement With polemic agitates the American media mediums since At theairportoffMineapolisoff the taxi drivers started to refuse the passengers in alcoholic drink possession gold accompanied by dogs, including dogs guides off blind man. They refer in the opinion off unquestionable Imams according to which they would Be soiled by accepting such customers. Thesis dysfunctions are explained by the fact why the three quarters off the taxi drivers stationing with this airport are Moslems off Somali origin who conform to religious opinions At the not to want to forces them one to to their American compatriots, without being concerned with to to their farming identities.

The problem goes up with more than one year ago, when the president off Islamic Association American in the State off Minnesota stated that it was illicit one behalf off the Moslem drivers to people transport in alcoholic drink possession, because they would Be made thus guilty off “complicity with the sin”. Summon integrist then proposed to invent distinctive signs for the “Moslem” taxis Al to the passengers not enfreindre by inadvertency the interdicts issued by the integrist ones gold to vainly await to to their turn for has taxi supposed to serf Al the citizens without discrimination.

Al that should not only causes one feeling off anger against the integrist groups which are At the origin off this polemic, goal must also encourage to meditate them holding and outcomes off the business to become to it Moslems in America. Because the subject is serious, in the current context off tensions between the Occident and the whole off the Moslems, where whom they live. It is not used for nothing to want to minimize the problem. We must wonder what will occur yew this group persists in its strange intrigues, opposites with the rules off the life and, company and off the acceptance off the differences. Does one cuts to expect that, tomorrow, fundamentalist drivers off train gold used in the stations and off the airports refuse to transport nonbuckled women gold forbid hostesses Cd. the air to serf cuts alcoholic drinks with to to their passengers ? Did Does Does one cut to expect that off, in unquestionable Brooklyn districts drink off certain corners Michigan where they form the majority off the population, the Moslems require to Be whitebait to diffuse the cal to the prayer by loudspeakers ? That does not seem not excluded. It is enough to remember the declarations off year Imam in Australia , which had started has sharp polemic in the media has few months ago to cuts off compared Australiennes nonbuckled with meatus offered At sight Al to entice the predatory ones.

What the Moslem extremists make pretense forget, they are the sacrifices authorized during centuries by the Westerners in their fight for freedom and secularity. Impossible It is that they give up thesis assets off the day At the following day. One this subject let customs quote Premier Australian minister, which said, At the time off the tenth birthday off its election “Tous the immigrating must Be integrated in the company, i.e to include/understand, which, whatever to to their culture off origin, Australia requires the respect off the women and the equality off the sexes. Certain immigrants cuts different ideas, they would make better give up it”.

The criticism off Islam often pours in the islamophobie, exactly like the criticism off Israel is never far from anti-semitism the, notes the Israeli line daily newspaper.


Does Does The “Moslem problem” is it causing cut bringing together between Européens and Israéliens ? Is the anti-semitism really in, drops ? It would seem in any box that the peak off the anti-semitism is behind custom. Yew, formerly, Israelwere regarded cut off the causes Al it Malayan Moslem, it proves that the Jewish State between quite simply more in line off account.

In fact, Europe entered in 2005 the will will era the islamophobie off, has off islamophobie supplied with the litany Al studs, for example, At Moslem institutions Dutchwomen (assassination off Theo Van Gogh), by the attacks off London and those off Madrid.

The speeches off Iranian president Mahmoud Ahimadinejad, also maintain has noxious climate. Its ignited diatribes make that any newspaper which is respected splits from now one off has leading article denouncingIranand pointing out the right to the existence off the State off Israel . More remarkable still, the intellectuals and the militant antisionists from now one are arranged in the same camp that the negationnists and faded them ticks off Islam extremist.

Then, yes, the antisionism is in loss Cd. speed, goal the islamophobie is from now one in small Chanel. And there is No what pavoiser. Because it is only butt one new incarnation off anti-semitism the. Exactly like the criticism off Israel formerly often poured in anti-semitism the, the criticism off Islam often pours in the islamophobie. Virulent Thesis same which were savagely anti-semites are most today off the islamophobes. I speak extreme Young stag butt the right-hand side and the bands off skinheads and the néonazis. Among thesis people, the hatred off the Jew goes hand in hand with that off the Moslem.

Only ten years ago, should it Be pointed out, off the Moslems still expressed in Paris At the sides off Jews to denounce racism and anti-semitism the. Today, Israéliens and the Jews should Draw up themselves At the sides off the Moslems and deliver with them has combat common against the anti-semitism toAhmadinejadandthe islamophobie which develops in Occident. It is not has question Young stag only off one question off tactic, goal also off principle.

Return At home, Oum Hamza !

The famous defender off the humans right Egyptian Saad Eddine lbrahim is caught nap with islamist which want to forces to to their law in the countries off Occident which accommodate them.


They are in the middle off the topicality. Often because off the problems which they installations and sometimes for the exploits which they curry out. The Moslems always make speak butt them. Positive To start with the shutter, rather rare, let custom quote the box off the two recent Moslems prizes winner off the Nobel Prize. The first, Mohammad Yunus, professor off agroeconomy At theuniversityoffDacca, received this price for its pioneer role in the fight against misery. He is the founder off has bank intended for the poor, universally known under the name off Grameen Bank.

The second, Orhan Pamuk, Turkish writer, Nobel Prize of literature. In its novels, it determines ambiguities of the Turkish identity and points out the attempts enfiévrées for modern cd. the realization of the company and the State in Turkey , the shortly after the decline of Othoman Empire. This project of modernization was done at the expense of the nonTurkish ethnic minorities that whim cd. the geography had placed in Anatolia . Among these minorities, Les Armenian, Christian, and Kurds, Moslems but nonTurkish-speaking. On the official plan, any allusion to the massacres made towards them. But Orhan Pamuk broke the law of silence, as I did myself, two years ago about the Copte problem in Egypt . Its remarks received the same reception as mine. Just like I at the time (in 2000) was attacked and continued in justice, it has with its whole be victim of a powerful cabal and had to appear before a court.

Here is thus the example of two Moslems who make honor at their community, in opposition to others which attract shame on their religion, their country and their culture. I think in particular of those which fled of the difficult living conditions in their country, unless it was not persecution, to find asylum in European countries. Hardly installed in these countries which accommodated them with opened arms, they start to bite the hand which helped them.

I evoked already the history of Abou Hamza, Egyptien, condemned in his country for terrorist acts and which succeeded in fleeing it and to come to live in England . As soon as in safety, it started to preach in the mosques of London , uttering the most terrible imprécations against the inaccurate English. Every Friday, it announced to them their nearest end by the sword one agitating the spectrum of an imminent Islamic invasion ! (Abou Hamza currently purges a prison sentence seven year old for incentive with racial hatred.) L’ une of the indirect effects this speech of hatred was felt near young Moslems of the second generation who were turned over against the country which saw them being born until making terrorist attacks like that of the subway of London, in 2005.

A similar history has just defrayed the chronicle a Moslem teacher of Blackburn , in Great Britain , made a point of carrying the niqab, the complete Islamic veil which covers with a thick black fabric the body as well as the entirety of the face, leaving only one slit in front of the eyes. The pupils who were in his class are felt sorry for not to be able well to follow its teaching. It is known, in pedagogy, that the children need to see the face, its expressions, the articulations of the words for better including/understanding. The teaching one refused to take off its veil classifies some putting forward its right to choose the dress which was appropriate to him and of the presence of male colleagues in the school, in front of which it cannot be revealed without betraying the lesson of Islam. School cd. Blackburn was then in the obligation to suspend it its functions.

The teaching one took with witness the Moslem community of Great Britain , continued the school establishment in justice and tried to mobilize the public opinion in England , being presented in the form of a victim of a religious discrimination. The debate agitated the country, the Moslems affirmed, after consultation of monk in the Islamic countries, that the niqab, integral veil, are not the hidjab, which covers only the hair and which none of both was an obligation of Islam, the port of one or other concerning a personal choice. With the person who chooses this dress to assume the consequences of her act.

The buckled teacher - let us call it Oum Hamza, like Abou Hamza - like gave him an abusive interpretation of Islam. Our religion encourages us to facilitate the life, not to complicate it unnecessarily. But if Oum Hamza is not content, why doesn’t turn over it out of ground of Islam, where it will be able to practice its religion as it hears it and to carry its niqab to its own way ? That it thus gives up the inaccurate ones with their miserable ground non-believer fate.

Saad Eddine lbrahim.

Michael Nazir-Ali, the bishop of Rochester , wire of Pakistanais converted with Christianity, denounced these vehement Moslems who are posed in victims to extend their influence on the public life to the United Kingdom . Abdul Ban, secretary-general of Moslem Conseil of Great Britain (Muslim Council off Britain , MCB), ensures that the bishop should not have bet as it did, that its words sow the discord and harm the “relations intercommunity”. Behind these delicate remarks, one detects a setting and, guard, unless we did not agree all on a conspiracy of silence on all that touches with Islam. These critics live in an advanced democracy, but they want to decontaminate of it the engine, which functions thanks to the civilized debates.

I come cd. lira a Joint Declaration published on the site lnternet from the MCB signed by a heteroclite group, exclusively male (I believe), who claim to be the voice of authentic Islam. It is one of the most disconcerting documents which I ever saw. The signatories order to us, with us the Moslems, to remain always “plain” whatever our differences, and they condemn those which “create division with the centers of the Moslem community”. They explain this judgment nicely, reconsidering the recent debate around the niqab. “the veil, independently of the legal decisions traditional as are agreed the scholar in a broad consensus.” It is not prone to debate (it is me which underlines this point). We recommend to all the Moslems an extreme prudence on this question, because to deny part of Islam can lead to the ncroyance. “

The declaration quotes Coran in a selective way and holds up its holy words a such threat. “We recognize the fact that the Moslems have different opinions on the veil, but we exhort all the members of the Moslem community to maintain the debate in the fields of the scholarship, between people of knowing and authorities of the Moslem community… In a Koranic verse, we read this : “Also, request with those which know if you do not know”… Moreover, we urge to the Moslems, to private individuals or organizations, to avoid using this debate to defend their political interests or personnel. Tactics also méprisables are considered by Islam energy against the interests of our faith and our community and are thus condemned in the most vigorous terms. “.

We are in the presence of the cops, version soft, of the tendency talibans, and, until a very recent date, much of them took the tea with Premier minister and his ministers and obtained enormous money sums on behalf of the State. They wish to bind us the language and to take the control of our thoughts, to subject, us to us them Moslem, to be able to them by the intimidation, to do us to them herd moutonnier.

Here, in the United Kingdom , they are not the underprivileged European Moslems who are keep silent, but most enlightened and more the reformists. They more than are ever reduced to the silence and invisibility by chiefs of community, odious of the late Imams and faithful serfs who do briskly what one says to them to make and invite that “to choose”.

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown.

A Pakistani academic vilifies the made use by Occident of Moslem pseudo-intellectuals.

In full war against world terrorism carried out by America , the Moslem fact to be made run of new dangers. But, to tell the truth, the current context also created occasions. The principal recipients of the new American position are the Moslem leaders who wish a firmer support of Washington in repression than they carry out against their own people. They are happy to torture their co-religionists that the CIA “returns to them” and, of time to other, they capture their own terrorists and put them on the aircraft for Guantanamo .

The “war against world terrorism” is also a war of ideas. To gain it, the American need some “good” Moslems to persuade the “bad ones” to reform their religion, to learn how to appreciate the priceless advantages of Pax américana and Pax israélica. At the beautiful days of colonialism, the white man did not need to call upon autochtones to tackle their faith and their culture it preferred to take care itself of it. But, since the years 1970, the Occident sponsors the autochtones which can criticize their similar. Moreover, the war against world terrorism gives place to an explosion of the market of the orientalists of Islamic confession.

The Occident now claims Moslems who diagnose their own problems and which denounce the right combat of their people by describing them as aberrations morals, of symptoms of a sick company. For the time being, these conditions did not reveal yet much orientalists autochtones. lrshad Manji the activist Canadian and author of Musulmane but free ! is that which made more speak about it while yielding loosely with the requirements of the Westerners and the Zionists for diaboliser Moslem and Palestinian. Last 11 March, The New York Times published in one, an article on Docteur Wafa Sultan, an American psychiatrist of largely ignored Syrienne origin which tests a great anger and a deep despair against its co-religionists. Great anger and deep despair ? It is with this kind of feelings that Moslems try to make known themselves while appearing in the most prestigious newspaper of the United States ?

If the only Moslems whom the Americans can enrôler in their battle of the ideas are as well as possible poor individuals or do have to attract each other the sympathy of the Islamic world ? Very little. That can go during a time, but not eternally. They form a too important and too compact mass to be let hustle by the war. Military The power cannot break the State-Unis are not likely any to change the state of mind of the Moslems if they seriously initially do not think of changing their policy with respect to these people. We do not hate freedom we want only this freedom for ourselves. The United States and Israel seek to extend their capacity on a mass of prostrate Moslems. That they cease it making, and they will be likely to gain their hearts and their hearts.

Mr. Shahid Alam

That it emanates from the pope or a simple draftsman of press, the least criticism of Islam unchains virulent reactions. The Moslems must measure their counterpart, considers an intellectual Lebanese.

At the fine bottom of the United States, far from the policy and the combat, the owner of a living room of sale of cars undertook throw the holy war against the large producers of the car industry in order to incite them to lower their prices, inviting â the occasion his customers to profit from reductions which it had baptized “the fatwas of Friday”. Information was hardly disseminated by the media that an American islamist association, specialized in the civic rights, hastened to mark its reprobation, requiring excuses and the immediate withdrawal of these advertizing advertisements. It obtained profit of cause. This business, alleviating in it even, testifies however to the Moslem rage to deal with this hostile arrogance with Islam and the Arabs, religion, policy and culture confused.

For legitimate that it is, the need to defend oneself must however not be mistaken in target and method, under penalty of producing contrary results with those discounted. The “automobile Djihad” in question did it deserve the mobilization of the militants of the civic rights ? There is no doubt that the propensity of the Americans to turn into ridiculous the symbols of the Islamic religion as its contents knows a strong recrudescence these last years, but nevertheless this advertizing countryside concerns rather the joke, of which the goal remains before all the soliciting of the customer and the lure of gain, objective which, everyone knows it, made fire of any wood.

Under these conditions, the response is likely to take the forms of an abusive censure and to be perceived like an affront with the freedom of expression. Worse still, it consolidates in their position of the serious contradictors of Islam, who see a religion there savagely refractory â very called in question. Would this be that the discomfort in the Arab and Islamic culture reached a degree such as it is necessary to go up to the face for the least peccadillo or to abound in an ignited higher bid of which the only effect is to accentuate the hiatus between the various positions ? That unfortunately seems to be the case, from where urgency to put the question of the moral responsibility for the producers of the culture in the Arab and Moslem world.

The most eloquent example on this subject remains the conference of the pope Benoît XVI at the university of Ratisbon [in September 2006] and criticisms which it unchained. If the conference, founded on impressions and the report/ratio of a discussion, is far from being a scientific model of rigor, the topic which it approaches, the interaction between the faith and the reason in the religious thought, is, interesting.

Without wanting to enter the mysteries of these problems, let us recall that it was in the middle of the Islamic quarrels scholastics since the first centuries of Islam and that it governed the creation of the Moslem legal schools and, later, of the Jewish schools and Christian women in Europe . In these mediums flowered the most various theses on the nature of the divine one and of human, the relationship between the two, the relation between the faith (the text) and the reason (the opinion).

“Nicolas Sarkozy”, Ministre for the interior, abrogeait, an agreement signed with Morocco which was against the values republican Frenchwomen and with secularity. This agreement recognized in alive Marocains in France the right to polygamy and repudiation of their wife, underlined in Elaph the Tunisian intellectual Afif Lakhdar, recalling that this “medieval “text had been signed in 1981, to the moment when in Morocco of the women gathered a million signatures to change Code of personal statute.

If the debate in the Moslem world calmed down, it therefore did not lead to a consensus and the legal schools which survived in kalan, (Moslem scholastic) do not agree, far is necessary some, on these same questions. To summarize us, let us say that everywhere clashed two theological currents. That which, asserting limits of the human understanding, privileges the religious text and the faith, and a cave which, on the contrary, poses the reason as tallies essential to the comprehension of the text and the consolidation of the faith.

Seen under this lighting, the remarks of Benoît XVI can mislead and are erroneous. To present the question of the relation between faith and reason like the point of obstacle between Christianity and Islam is an aberration, the polemic being intrinsic with the Christian religion itself. To use the Moslem doctrines to illustrate this theory was not essential, the examples of absence of rationality inside catholic Eglise, like elsewhere, not missing. Without to count that the conference of the pope indicates a short vision of divine unicity (tawhîd) in Islam, inspired by the Andalusian philosopher Ibn Hazm, since it seems to reduce the kalam to the only school zâhirite, fallen into the lapse of memory. Whereas many schools, whose it mutazilism, to quote to only, offer him an undeniable proof of rationalism in Islam, making part with the argument which claims that the recourse to the reason is the prerogative of the Christian thought.

Unfounded judgments in a conference which misses the serious one do not surprise, but can shock in the mouth of a personality enjoying such a high moral statute. The primacy of hellenistic rationality (Greek) in the Christian religious thought is not a new idea. By affirming it in Germany , the pope makes only to take again the elements of a current rhetoric in this country with the XIX° century. That which opposes, in the European culture, two inspirations, one authenticates, Greek rationalism, and the other fixes quotas for, Semitic irrationalism. It is with this theory that the anti-semitism is watered, which will degenerate into Fascism Nazi to lead to the genocide of Juifs. However, which fustigates again Benoît XVI today, it is Islamic irrationality. And, although it expressed regrets in front of what it called the “bad interpretation” of its remarks, and reaffirmed its respect of the Moslems, it does not reconsider its declarations.

It is certainly not the first time that Islam, like any other doctrines, is being the target of diatribes. What is striking, on the other hand, it is that in this conflict of cultures, the Moslem reactions are done of a virulence betraying a hyperemotivity likely to justify the charge of “irrationality”. The commonplace use of terms as “monkeys” or “pigs”, the insolence of the aggressions against the churches or the publication of inept drawings as caricatures are as many signs which show than the street Moslem and Arab goes towards the climbing. Consequently, a question is essential which exploits this passion capital in the mediums Arab and Islamic, and on the profit of which ? The answer must be provided by the Arab intellectual mediums, in which falls the responsibility to define the attitude to be adopted vis-a-vis calumny. Without being unaware of it nor to fall into its trap it is necessary to find the counterpart right, able to release the emotional overload in a rational and constructive way.

Hassan Mneimneh

Not less than 4000 Germans adopted Islam in one year. Not only been engaged of Moslems, but also of the men of all the mediums.

Hamburg - the newspaper Der Spiegel.

One sees it in certain details, Kai Lùhr, 43 years, has the moved air where it is. Knelt between bearded men, turned towards Mecque, out of jean and gray jacket, shaved expenses, it has a perfect command of the Moslem prayer, is inclined as it is appropriate and requests in Arabic. This doctor converted with Islam, like his wife, there are two years and half. Lùhr are called from now on Kai Ali Rashid and Katrin Aisha. Kai regularly attends the prayer of Friday to the mosque of Frechen, close to Cologne . He finds there of Marocains, the Palestinians and two others converted a former boxer and an engineer. “For some time, one finds some Moslems of German extraction in each mosque”, entrusted Lùhr.

A recent study on the Moslem life in Germany confirms this impression and puts at the day a phenomenon which can surprise, per hour of the fear of terrorism, debates on the forced marriage and of the crimes of honor between July 2004 and June 2005, 4.000 people converted themselves with Islam into République federal. The study, which was financed by the ministry for the interior, and was carried out by the institute Islam Archiv, an organization based with Soest surprises more especially as the number of converted is four times superior with that of the previous year.

Four thousand conversions, that obliges to reconsider the traditional diagrams of thought. Three years ago, the number of conversions turned around 300 per annum. And they were primarily women “who married a Moslem”, explains Salim Abdullah, of islan, - Archiv. Today, people come to Islam, more “spontaneously.” There are always many women, but also much of graduates - citizens like Kai Lûhr.

Numbers converted are former Christians practice who have, at one time, have doubts in connection with their religion, affirms Mohammed Herzog. Former Pasteur, it converted itself with Islam in 1979 and it is Imam in Berlin today.

According to Monika Wohlrab-Sahr, a sociologist who studied the phenomenon, conversion often makes it possible “to overcome a personal crisis” and fits sometimes in a research of the difference. “One wants to be distinguished.” Strict Christianity, offers, him also these possibilities, but Islam makes it possible to be detached more. The more so as the current debates on the Moslems - that it is of trapped bags or the cancellation of an opera - make a subject present of it and, permanence in the media. “Islam seems a true alternative more.”

Where does the seduction of Islam reside, for former Christians ? The factors are multiple. Salim Abdullah evokes “the argumentativeness, vis-a-vis the permanent attacks which this religion undergoes” but he also knows of converted which appreciates “the clear standards of behavior” that Coran gives, Dr. Lühr, which always has a prayer mat in the trunk of its Alfa Romeo WP, shows “decays of the values” in the Western company. In Islam, the values still have weight “.

“Converted in practice tend to be purist of their religion notes Monika Wohlrab-Sahr. The people born in Islam are often more libérales.Nils von Bergner, 36 years, requests Al five times per day. This lawyer, converted, division his cabinet with a Turkish friend, Ah Özkan, which is Moslem. The two fellow-members, go certainly together to the mosque, but it is in the office of the German that the carpet is unrolled regularly for the prayer. “I do not arrive there quite simply, entrusts Ôzkan. The first prayer is at 6 a .m. - too much early.”

Lutz Ackermann

In Russia

These last years, one counts more and more young people in search of values morals which convert in Islam, notes the Muscovite daily newspaper Novyé, Izvestia. The phenomenon is such as it was the subject of a brutal warning of Direction of the interior businesses of the area of the Volga , describing it as source of destabilization for the country. Mr Putin recalled into 2006 that the Moslems of Russia (estimated at 20 million), on 140 million inhabitants) are not immigrants but Russian citizens with whole share.

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